Your Sexual Health

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Everyone loves sex and its natural to want as much as you can get.  Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) are a fact of a sexually active life, few people avoid them.  No matter who you have sex with, no matter where you have sex and no matter how careful you are – its part of a package that one day will probably effect you. 

For this reason we offer a


Every THURSDAY 6.30 – 9.30 pm

No bookings are necessary, just turn up.  A lot of guys combine a health check with a visit to Menfriends or you can just come in for the Health Check free of charge.

+ NO names, NO addressess +
NO linking with your GP +
Checks conducted by a fully qualified non-scene gay health professional +
+ You can ask ANY questions +
+ Only get checked for the things YOU want to be checked for +
ANY suggested treatments are yours to undertake – you will be given advice/support if you want it +
+ Results are confidential between you and the fully qualified Health Professional +

~ Sometimes it pays to know…even if you are the only person who does ~

 Menfriends and CDHB Sexual Health provide this service
We do this because we care…so should you.


Douching is a self-performed process where you ‘clean yourself out’ before anal sex.  It is also known as colonic irrigation.  Douching makes things a LOT more comfortable for both people, you can forget about any embarrassing mess and just get on and enjoy yourself.  If you think you may or intend to bottom during sex, douching is highly recomended. At Menfriends we have a fully equipped Private Shower room for douching that is both private and luxurious and is available for a small charge ($5). sells douching kits online and at Menfriends if you would prefer to do this before your visit.

Premature Ejaculation

This is way more common than you might think and has become increasingly so with the easy access to online porn that we now enjoy.  Watching too much porn and not doing enough of the real thing is a significant contributor to PE or premature ejaculation.  If PE is a problem, we suggest you cut back or eliminate porn from your sex life entirely for a while.


Everyone knows the reasons for condom use – and good ones they are.  But some guys find putting a condom on ‘kills it’ partially or completely and others find stopping to put one on ‘kills the moment’.  To successfully use condoms you should consider integrating them into your sex live as being a part of it, not an interuption.  There are sexy ways to put a condom on and if sensitivity is an issue, get some practice on your own with a condom on – you can get free ones at Menfriends. It’s all about minimising your risk.

Performance Anxiety

Like PE, performance anxiety (inability to gain or sustain an erection) is quite common and is usually related to both physical and psychological issues.  Physical issues relate to restricted blood flow that can be due to heavy smoking, low blood pressure, heart and age related issues.  Very often though the issue is psycologicial; over-thinking the problem can have  a self-fulfilling outcome.  In other words, the more you worry about not being able to get it up the more likely it will be that you can’t.  There are a wide range of products that can help with both the physical AND the psychological issues and a visit to your GP might be helpful.  If medications available only through your GP are not appropriate for you or you don’t want to go to your GP, sells several supplements that will not cause complications for existing medications and are very good at getting you back on track to a satisfying sex life.  Currently the most popular supplement available is called Bona. We also have a variety of cock-rings than many guys swear by.

Your Balls (testicles)

Problems in this area are more common than you might think, particularly for guys in the 16 – 30 age range.  Every guy though should check his balls monthly.  This is best done after a hot shower when they are hanging low and the skin of your nut sack (scrotum) is soft.  Using both hands, gently roll each ball in your fingers and check for lumps or malformations that seem different to how they normally are or since you last checked.  Try to find the epididymus, the point where the chord attaches to each ball.  Again, check for lumps or anything unusual.  Also check for lumps under the skin of your scrotum.  YOU know your balls best so if you have any concerns get a second opinion, from your GP or Sexual Health Nurse during a check-up.


Most guys have never heard of this virus but it is very common and easy to catch. You can get it through sexual touching without even fucking. Many guys who have it don’t show any signs and can pass it on without even knowing. HPV can cause cancers of the cock, butt hole and throat plus genital warts. The good news is there’s a vaccine! We strongly advise you get it. For guys under 26 it’s free. Your GP can supply it and the visit itself should also be free but check on that first. If you’d prefer you can also get it from your local DHB Sexual Health Centre – the one in Christchurch is awesome.


What’s PrEP? PrEP is an HIV prevention method where people who do not have the virus take a pill every day to help reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV – nothing else.  There is a global push in wealthy countries to get every sexually active MSM onto a daily PrEP pill – like the pill to prevent pregnancy.  PrEP is not funded in NZ (it’s not free) but you can get it in a round about way. If you buy it locally it’s around NZ$1000 per month but you can get a prescription from some DHB Sexual Health Centre’s and import it yourself for a few hundred dollars.  Have a chat with Keith, the Nurse Specialist who operates our weekly clinic and he can help you decide what’s best for you.

WARNING.  Guys are using PrEP as tool to persuade other guys to have  condom-less sex.   Some say they are on it but aren’t or are not taking it. We know that in random hookups PrEP users are less likely to use condoms and are far more likely to be carrying an STI (like gonnoreah syphillus and chlamydia) than someone who uses condoms as their primary protection.  There are downsides to PrEP as well as the the upside, better to know them.