Diary Updates


Hi Everyone

March is the month of Pride events in the South Pacific. In Sydney Australia there was Mardi Gras following closely on the heals of Pride Auckland.  Wellington and Christchurch Pride Festivals are underway now and while there is no street parade in Christchurch there is no shortage of things to do.  The Christchurch Pride runs from March 9 – 19 and while once it was pretty much a gay and lesbian affair Pride now “caters to the GLBTIQ and wider rainbow communities, their families and friends” so that’s pretty much everybody you can think of, that you cant think of, have met and haven’t met as well as their families and their friends!  Seriously though, there’s lots happening so check out the schedule in the usual places.

the dress code in the entire venue is Underwear Only .  This is a popular weekly event and its a whole lotta fun wandering and cruising in JUST your jocks.   We have spares at the Reception counter if you’d like to try something different. 

This session is all about you.  What you wear and what makes you feel good is all that matters. We suggest you bring several pairs of your favourite items – you can change them during the session depending on your mood.

 the dress code in the entire venue is NUDE Only, at ALL times.  Another popular weekly event where clothing of any type is prohibited.  So, if you attend you will need to be 100% NAKED 100% of the time.  Everyone gets a towel in the usual way but this must be draped over your shoulders and with you at all times. 
Don’t worry about getting a boner and other guys seeing it – that’s kinda the idea! As you might imagine..this session can be a lot of fun!

8pm – 4am

SATURDAY SLEAZE PARTY  This starts at 8pm and runs through until 4am.  Enjoy a complimentary shot on arrival and something cold to chase it up. PLUS..we have a Lucky Locker Draw EVERY hour through til 1am PLUS there are serious amyl specials for those at the party. Come prepared for a night of VERY horny fun and who knows, you might just meet ‘the one’..its happened plenty of times in the past and a few VERY recently! SEE YOU THERE!!

11am – 6pm

AFTERNOON SLEAZE PARTY – the day time version of the night time event. It starts at 11am and runs until 6pm. It’s fun and relaxed and as horny as you are.

Both SLEAZE’S are Dress Coded.  The Dress Code is any of the following: NUDE or UNDERWEAR or FETISH (which can be anything that gets you ‘going’ – from Leather to Lingerie). 

Please note that the Dress Code is NOT optional so if you aren’t quite up to it  we suggest that you wait and come at a time when you know you will be. 

Sexual Health Clinic 

The weekly clinic is a very popular way for guys who enjoy sex with other guys, all the time or part of the time, to look after their sexual health privately and discretely. It also means some sexual partners will want to come back for more! The clinic is operated by Sexual Health, Canterbury District Health Board and Menfriends in partnership.