Everything about Menfriends


What is Menfriends?

Menfriends Sauna is a drug free no-alcohol two floor venue exclusively for guys who present as male and possess male genetalia. We provide a place for time out, the chance to meet with other guys and enjoy male only sexual contact.

If you’re a guy who is wanting hook ups with other guys, Menfriends is for you.  If you are curious about things guy to guy and wanting to see it  or try it for yourself, Menfriends is a good place to start. Its safe, professionally operated and discreet.  There are private places for you to play with anyone you meet.  It is easily the biggest and busiest sex-on-site venue in Christchurch and definately one of the best in New Zealand and Australia.  Menfriends is a state-of-the-art facility.

What facilities do you have at Menfriends?

Our facilities include:

Spa Pool . Sauna Room . Steam Room . altsexcafe.com shop . Reception . Tuck Shop Cold drinks, Hot & Cold Snacks . 3 Showers . 72 Personal Lockers . Chilled Filtered Water Fountain . Luxury Private Shower with Douche . High Speed Internet Cafe . Free Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate . Satellite TV Lounge . Free Pool Table . BDSM Room/DUNGEON (lockable)  incl Stocks, Sling, St Andrews Cross, Wall Mounted Blindfold with Cuffs, Bed with Ropes, Spare Ropes . Sucktorium . Glory Holes . Mirror Room . Sling Room . Orgy Room (Total Black-Out) . Public Porn Lounge Wanking Room . 3 Level Porn Theatre . Private Lockable Rooms . 5 x 60″ Porn TV’s . Heated Outdoor Garden (and Smoking Space) . Security Storeage . On Site Car & Cycle Parking . Awesome Sound . Luxurious Spa Towels . Refresher Towel on Departure .  Accessible Parking/Bathroom . All themed rooms are free of charge . The Entire Venue is Air-Conditioned . Free WIFI .

DUNGEON/BDSM Room Is Available For Private Hire

 What happens at Menfriends?

‘What happens in Menfriends stays in Menfriends’

What happens? Pretty much everything you hope can happen.  When you arrive, you will be issued with your own towel and locker key.  You then go get changed; most guys just wander about with a towel wrapped around their waist but you can remain fully clothed if you wish. After getting changed you have all the facilities of the venue available for your use and if you would like to have some fun with someone you meet, there are private and public places for you to play. Menfriends provides a mix of social and sexual space – which parts you use are your choice.

We suggest you allow 2-3 hours for a visit

Does Menfriends provide condoms?

Yes, we do. We not only supply Condoms, but Lubricant also – and both are free of charge.

What is the average age of guys at Menfriends?

Menfriends is popular with ALL ages.  Some times of the day or week are more popular with some ages than others.  You will usually find a broad range of ages at any time.  Some guys find a day, time or event where the crowd suits them, others come at a time when they can get away for some fun.  Most guys get action at anytime so they just turn up when they’re in the mood!  Remember that Menfriends is an ADULT venue; adulthood starts at 18.  So, if you are 18, you will  be one of, if not the youngest guy on site…enjoy it while you can or wait until you’re a little older.  If you are looking for a place full of 20 yr olds and only 20yr olds who all will want to have fun with you, keep looking.

Do you have a dress code at Menfriends?

Yes we do.  Other than for Special Sessions where the dress code is stated, the following Dress Code applies:

Towel Only or Towel and Top or Fully Clothed or Top and Underwear

Is Menfriends just for gay guys?

No.  Menfriends caters to guys seeking the company of other guys in a safe exclusively male environment.   Bisexuality is far more common than many of us realise and a lot of straight guys get curious so Menfriends is a down low way to check it out.
If you have a penis you qualify for access to Menfriends.

What if I meet someone I know ?

IF it happens, saying “hi” is a good start.  After that just forget it and get on with having a good time – they will.  Most guys who come to Menfriends are quite happy to keep their being there private and respect that everyone else likes it that way too.  Chances are good that he wont want you saying anything either.

Are there any expectations of me sexually?

No, any expectations are your own.  Communicate your limits and desires with whoever you meet; most guys are happy to just get their rocks off whichever way.  A lot of guys like some things but not others so you only do the things you want to do.  Sex probably won’t happen with every visit as we cannot guarantee you will meet someone you like.  If you are reasonably flexible you’ll have a very good chance every time.

“I am really nervous about coming to Menfriends”

Most guys are nervous about a first time visit to a Sauna – it’s natural to be so.  What you will find once inside is that you will quickly relax and start to enjoy yourself at your own pace in your own way.  We also publish a Menfriends Beginners Guide that is available in the Altsexcafé and on the next tab in this website.  The Guide gives useful information about the venue and how to use it – recommended reading.

Do I pay for sex?

No, you dont pay for sex – and you don’t charge for it either!  A big part of a place like Menfriends is hooking up for free in a great environment made especially for it.  Menfriends does not sell sexual services and we will not tolerate guys offering money or charging for it within our venue.  If you are approached with such an offer or request, please let us know and we will deal with it discreetly.  If you’d like to bring a male escort with you, as long as the arrangement has been made off-site we have no problem with that.

How do I “connect” with someone?

It’s usually quite easy as long as you are being realistic.  Put two guys in the same space who are looking for fun and human nature will take care of the rest.  There are some good tips in The Beginners Guide found at the venue and on the next tab in this website.

Why pay when I can use dating websites free?

Good question and there are many good answers so here are a few….

Real contact – at Menfriends you will meet real guys (who like you, are horny) looking to play now – no ’email tag’, ‘no-show’s’, ‘pics from 10 years ago’.  You can figure people out a lot better when they are right in front of you.

Safer/Healthier – when you hook up with someone at Menfriends you are not on your own.  At Menfriends you have the support of Venue Staff, other clients and the condoms and lube are free and easy to access.

Quicker – how many hours can you spend online and get nothing?  You can often hook up at Menfriends within minutes.

Better for you – Online hook-ups are ok but anti-social for you as a person.  Spending your sex life online with ‘discreet hook-ups’ is a recipe for a lonely life.

More on offer – for those horny moments – spa, sauna, steam room, free internet, free pool table, porn TV’s etc

I thought Sauna’s were just for dodgy desperate guys?

So did a lot of people until they came and saw for themselves that sauna’s are for people ‘just like me’.  There is no shortage of people who criticise Sauna’s (many of whom have never been to one) and no shortage of people who visit them every week and enjoy them.  Go figure.

Safe sex?

As a business, Menfriends is committed to promoting the practice of Safe Sex .  We supply condoms and lubricant free of charge and encourage all our clients to use condoms and lubricant for sexual activity.  Dont forget that You have a personal responsibility for your own health and safety.  You can do so by being prepared for sexual activity within the venue should it occur.  Ultimately we know that Safe Sex is a personal choice.  See also the Your Sexual Health tab.

Our Venue Team

Our Venue Team is committed to ensuring you have a good time.  We can answer any questions you have or sort any problems in the unlikely event they arise.  We are open and relaxed, friendly and non-judgemental – whatever your situation, you can relax in our care.  If you would like to join our Team, we are always looking for good people.  Any age or nationality is welcome, but you should be gay or bisexual and male.

If you are interested in a job

When is the best time to come to Menfriends?
When is it busiest? 

A visit to a sex-on-site venue is always a ‘take time as you find it’ thing.  We suggest you come at a time that suits you. Over time you will find times that suit you better than others.

Still have a few questions?
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